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A group of Creative Sisters came together in spring 2024 to create a gorgeous journal designed to help you develop a gratitude practice in a fun way. Inside you will find coloring pages, writing and thought prompts, activities, a habit tracker, and information about why a habit of gratitude will help you with your overall wellness.

Meet the Contributors

Joanne Morton

Joanne is the Positive Energy Artist. She combines gratitude, laughter and affirmations to create art and immersive creative experiences. Joanne is grateful to be co-creating community art with people from around the world to activate positive energy! She is also grateful for collaborating with other artists who continue to inspire her ot keep going!

Amber Killinger, Orange, CA - BOOK COVER ART

Amber, a passionate abstract artist, channels her emotions into vibrant and expressive works that guide viewers on a journey of self-discovery. With a deep connection to nature and a desire to spread love and kindness, Amber's art serves as a reminder to practice gratitude, embrace individuality, and forge your own unique path in life.

Kira McCoy, Central FL

Kira is a lifelong artist, musician, teacher, and author of three best selling books ni the creative arts and mindset. Mixed media art journaling, painting, jewelry making and clay sculpture are her jam, and she is the CEO of CreateAlong, a business making art supplies and online tutorials for the crafting community.

Her success with small business led her to coaching. She is forever grateful to share sisterhood, community, knowledge and wisdom with women on a business journey in her Mastermind.

Denise Johnson, Westboro, WI

Denise is a lifelong artist and creator of L.O.V.E.Lines of Vibrational Energy NeuroArt drawing method. Denise feels immense gratitude for the opportunity to pursue her passion in creating art while guiding others to elevate their vibrations and experience a more joyful life. Her motto since retiring has been "If ti ain't fun, Im' done."

Jaime Haney, New Harmony, NI

Jaime is an artist inspired to paint by all the things around her. She's grateful for her imagination and the nature, music and poetry that influences her art. She paints expressive and colorful magical realism, fantasy, florals &abstracts. Her paintings are visual stories often with hidden metaphors. She's addicted to iced tea, the paranormal &gardening.

Kerry Lee, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Intuitive Artist. Hospital Bedside Healing Arts Facilitator. Self Discovery Guide. Creative Catalyst building community through collaborations &corporate team

building events.

Nature Lover. Curious Fun Seeker. Mother. Sister. Aunt. Forever Friend.

Stacey N. Barrett, Findlay, OH

Stacey is an artist and creative, inspired by al things creative from an early age. She is mostly an acrylic and watercolor painter but dabbles in other media, including photography and mixed media. She is most inspired by the beach and the nautical life, as well as a love for flowers. But she still loves to mix it up with fun whimsical and abstract designs too, likening herself to a chameleon adjusting to paisleys, hence her business name, "Paisleychameleon's Paint & Create". She's grateful for the different life and travel experiences she's had, her loved ones and her pets.

Suzanne Jenne

A dynamic self-taught artist, author, and Transformational Coach with a remarkable 30-year journey. With diverse experiences in art, acting, corporate consulting, and broadcasting, Suzanne has curated numerous exhibitions and hosted engaging workshops across the USA and Europe since 2000. Her innovative approach to art-making and coaching empowers clients to achieve extraordinary results. Suzanne co-authored the international bestseller "Creative LifeBook" and offers her ebook, "Get Back ni the Studio and Paint," as a complimentary resource on Grateful for her journey, Suzanne continues to inspire and uplift others through her creative endeavors.

Deanna, a self-taught artist from Florida, found her artistic passion in 2017. Drawing inspiration from nature, she specializes in acrylic paints, creating captivating artworks that resonate globally. Co-author of "The Creative LifeBook," Deanna shares insights to inspire others on their creative journey. Committed to growth and exploration, she pushes artistic boundaries to create impactful artwork worldwide