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The Creative Cash Code

The Roadmap to

diversify your product line +

learn launching, automation + passive products

to free your time for creativity +

make money while you sleep

Learn the Strategy to increase your income by another 4+ figures in the next 90 days

Are you ready to revamp your entire product-based business so you spend less time wearing all the marketing hats, and create an additional 4-figures or more in additional income per month – oh and do it all , in the next 90 days?

I have a Top 1% Etsy Shop with 27,000 sales- and never told anyone about it until last year.

I made $1.3 million on Shopify on products that average $10 each.

I made $650,000 on on digital downloads, a subscription box, and courses.

Experience the fulfillment of turning your ideas into profitable products so you can achieve financial prosperity doing what you love, achieve the freedom to work on your own terms, design your dream schedule, and scale your business in a way that prioritizes self and family care without sacrificing success!

Stop relying on one product or program in your business to help you hit 6-figures and diversify your income streams FROM that one offer to double, triple and quadruple your income in the next year from passive versions (yep! This is how I took one best selling group program and turned it into over 20 income streams and product lines, many of them making money while I sleep, eat, vacation, and dream up new ideas)!

Unleash the power of automation (without expensive, overwhelming tech or the need for a VA to set your systems up for you) so you can make money while you you play with hide-and-seek with your kids instead of waiting around watching your Shopify Dashboard *hoping* to make money today.

Learn how to create in-demand offers that you only spend a couple hours creating ONE TIME but sell for the next years to come without ever touching again.

Is this you? Here’s what we are avoiding when most entrepreneurs decide they want to learn how to make passive income:

✅ You work on a new offer or product really hard... then release it to the sound of crickets.

✅ You spend money on a "funnel builder" or expensive software solution, only to realize you're not making enough money in the first place to support the monthly payments. JUST SAY NO TO THAT STRESS!

✅ Your body and mind hurt from making the SAME PRODUCT LINE over and over, when you would rather be able to expand your creativity, release something new into the world, and also- make more money that you possibly can by making and selling your products one by one.

After learning the methods I teach you in this program, you’ll never experience that again. You’ll learn how to:

✅ release products your audience actually wants,

✅ see how possible it is to hit multiple 4-figures in your launches and experience hearing the sound of “cha-ching” from your phone when you implement the strategies properly,

✅ learn the strategy behind sending automated emails to your audience that sells while you are sleeping,

✅ and create the levels of impact and income that allow you to more relaxed and free to create your next best seller!

What people are saying

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Why use google, when you can ask Kira?

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Sooooo much good information........

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This email class was very helpful. Thank you for taking your time to share!

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I love the way you teach Kira, so calm and reassuring.

Hey, I'm Kira!

I am a multi-passionate business owner and best-selling Author with 17 years of online experience, and have created 23 different income streams that have netted me $2,500,000 in a span of just the past 5 years, including shippable products, subscription boxes, print-on-demand items, digital downloads, courses, and memberships!

I've made over $2.5 million on products that average $10 each.

I went from piercing ears, to doing odd jobs in marketing, to teaching high school art (that was a love/hate relationship for sure), to now owning multiple businesses making multiple 6 figures.

It can be incredibly overwhelming, confusing, and downright squirrely to start, maintain, and grow an online business.

Which software to choose? Which apps? Which marketplace? Course? Download? Collection? Wholesale?

Let me be your guide. I've done all the heavy lifting for you and I can say: you need 3 things, the rest is cherries on top.

  1. A Creation
  2. An Audience
  3. A way for them to pay you.

Stop getting stuck and let's GO!

It wasn’t always that way, though.

I started out as an art teacher, working long hours for little pay, and feeling like I was meant for more.

I started a YouTube channel and had no business plan or marketing strategy. It was a time and money pit.

  • I accidentally built a private group of 3000+ women who NEVER took out their credit cards to buy anything I sold.
  • I was super consistent, creating 7 years of weekly YouTube videos that didn’t translate into money or sales.
  • Was stuck with endless ideas, but too much “comparisonitis” and overwhelm, so I never brought them to life, capping my income.
  • Followed my dream of becoming an author and wrote a book that was sold in Michaels, Barnes + Noble, and more - but again, the book (like most of the content I created) didn’t translate into sales.

When I finally figured out that my real issues were a lack of clarity about my skills and talents, not understanding how to leverage my passions to make money, and honestly, a lack of business and marketing strategy, everything changed. It happened so fast my head spun! I decided to monetize my knowledge and connections into a course, learned how to make physical products from my artwork, studied and implemented actual profitable business strategies, and ultimately, I embraced building my business full-time and created not just a full time income, but $200,000+ a year.

This is why when coaches say “be consistent” or “get authority” or “create a Facebook Group” – you can TRULY be doing all the *right* things you’ve been taught to do…. but implementing them in a way where you get no results. I'm here to help you stop riding that hamster wheel.

I built a multiple 6-figure empire, hired a beautiful team to support my growing business, created multiple streams of income that have me financially secure for life, and purchased my dream home where I can live and work in a beautiful location.

We’re going to cover:

Multiple Income Streams:

You’ll learn how to diversify your income ideas from the products you have already created.

Profitable Research:

You’ll learn how to recognize and promote best-sellers before you even commit to creating them.

Physical product resources:

Manufacturing, sourcing, shipping… all of this impacts your profits. We’ll dive into the best and most cost-efficient resources available.

Passive income:

You’ll uncover simple and easy ways to create products you can make from anywhere and don’t require your presence to sell - even while traveling, at coffee shops, or in your cozy home office. 

Marketing and Visibility:

You’ll learn the strategies and tools to easily and consistently get your products in front of an audience ready to buy them.


Become the QUEEN of “getting it done” in the best, most time and cost efficient way. You’ll get suggestions that are affordable and easy to use.


Yes, You CAN. I’m a certified Transformational Coach- and we will work through the mind-f*cks that come up when you uplevel your business and life. It’s all a story- and I’ll give you the tools to re-write it.


When you implement The Creative Cash Code, these kind of results will become available to you:

  • Sell out your offers to a rabid audience of fans waiting for your NEXT BIG THING - instead of flopped launches
  • Hear the sound of “cha-ching” on your phone even when you aren’t “working” - instead of hustling all day long to make a sale
  • Quit the self-critical thoughts that keep you stuck on the same-old hamster wheel of doing “what you know” - instead of doing what actually works in business
  • Free up your mental and physical energy so you can be more creative in your business and life - instead of getting burnt-out on mundane tasks
  • Prioritize your well-being, family, and personal growth alongside your professional journey - so you can stop working all day every day and spend more time doing what you love
  • Inspire others and make an Impact with your creations when they sell like hotcakes!

Bonus Modules:

  1. How to create a card deck
  2. How to create a yearly planner
  3. Where to source shipping materials, and the best shipping prices
  4. What shopping carts to use, plus curated (the best) tutorials for setting them up
  5. Taxes and business models
  6. Canva tutorials
  7. How to do Live sales on Insta and Facebook
  8. How to do product, keyword, and social post research
  9. Email marketing- platforms, automations, and templates

Let me Guess... does this sound like you?

  • You hired a business coach already… and you didn’t end up any further along in your sales goals than when you started, or you just got even MORE confused.

  • You’ve downloaded 50 freebies about “automation” and “funnels” but you still launch to an audience that doesn’t buy

  • You know you “should” be doing all the business-related things, but you sometimes self-sabotage and never stay consistent because you “don’t have time,” “can’t afford it,” “can’t figure it out”- or whatever else you tell yourself

  • You’ve been in business for a bit, but while you’re doing “all the things,” nothing seems to be “working.”

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to go ALL-IN to create the abundant, purpose-driven business of your dreams

  • You are ready to change what needs to be changed within yourself and your business model, your beliefs, and the comfortable environment you’ve allowed yourself to stay in so that you can let go of what’s getting in your way from your dream empire.

  • You feel stuck at the same income level, making the same products, not sure how to monetize your other skills, and you know you COULD be making more money if you just understood how to diversify yourself.

This is not for you if: 

  • You want to continue to resist messages + suggestions about things you need to change in your business model

  • You enjoy whining or complaining about how she, he, or it “gets in your way” (money, time, fear, your partner, kids, friends, family....etc.)

  • You can’t hold yourself accountable for doing the work.

YOUR Program- and empowerment- starts today.

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